Main Task: Filming on 13/12/15

We spent 6 hours filming and made significant progress. We filmed 16 out of 29 shots. It may of took a long time but we are very happy with the results. We ensured each shot we set up properly and was filmed in the most effective way; using the screenplay, storyboard and film schedule.

We made a few changes to the shots, the most significant one being shot 24, which was changed from feet hanging limp to a shadow of a hanging limp body.

We also changed shot 29 as we couldn’t get a reflection in a puddle, therefore we replaced with a shot of a puddle being stepped in. However this shot is not a powerful ending, so we plan on swapping shot 29; puddle step, with the end of shot 4; where the detective is walking away in the distance. However we may incorporate the beginning of shot 4 with shot 29, in the place of shot 4.

We changed shot 1 so the coloured water doesn’t turn clear again, we continuously dripped red food dye into a glass of clear water. In later shots, the victim (Marcus) drank juice of a similar colour. We plan to colour correct the liquids so they look the same colour, using masking so it doesn’t affect the rest of the shot.

A problem we encountered was light noise. In some of our shots a significant amount of noise can be detected, we know this is from the use of too high ISO. At the time of filming we didn’t know how to lower the ISO on the cameras we used. We plan to overcome this problem by either re-filming some of the shots or using effects to decrease the problem; for example in shot 22 when the glass smashes we may put it in black and white.

We were unable to create low-key, high contrast lighting. This was partly due to the insufficient lamps we had, but also because our set had too much environmental light we couldn’t always remove. However we settled for ensuring that each shot was well-lit, using high-key lighting. For the majority of shots I think we achieved this, however I believe that shots 27, 28 and 31 are actually very dark, making for poor visibility of the mise en scene.


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