Main Task: Costume

For the victims costume we plan to have normal everyday clothes. However as we are unsure about when our short is set (it is between 1970’s to 2015). So we have to chose clothes that do not have a set time period associated with them. On top of this we need clothes that do not give away our age as teenagers as the victims have to depicted as adults; in order to support the narrative.

The detective/murderer will be wearing a suit underneath a coat. Originally we had planned to use a trench coat but we cannot find/buy one so instead we are borrowing a long black coat from relatives. It will have the same effect of covering the murderers body; hiding his identity and making him look mysterious. It also provides a link between the detective and the murderer, hinting at the plot twist of the murderer being the detective. The murderer (not the detective) will also be wearing a bandanna, cap and black gloves to hide his identity.


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