Main Task: Character Development – The detective/murderer

In our opening the audience are unaware that the detective is the murderer and has an identity disorder. Furthermore they are unaware that the detective is unaware that he is the murderer.

These are all plot devices that typically would be revealed later in the film, in our opening we have enforced several features to hint these plot features.

Colour Correction

To communicate an unstable mind state we have employed the use of colour correction. The detective shots are coloured an eerie orange whilst the murderer shots are a disturbing green; both making the audience feel uneasy. The difference in colour hints at the two identities, but their disturbing and eerie qualities relate them to each other; just like how the detective and murderer are linked by being two identities in the same person.

The Paper

The detective writes in a notepad in shot 9, the same paper from that notepad is used for a fake suicide note; planted at the scene of the crime, written by the murderer. The use of the same paper creates a link that they are the same person as they own the same things.

The Actor

Even though the audience never see the murderer in full or even his skin for that matter, by using the same actor for the murderer and the detective, the two characters (or identities if you want to categorise them as the same character)  have the same size and shape. This hint however would be largely overlooked by the fact they wear different costume. The detective is always in a suit and the murderer always has a coat with gloves. They do both however, wear the same red tie.

We could have made it more obvious through our use of shots, for example one idea would be to have the first walking tunnel shot be the detective, and the second/last walking tunnel shot be the murderer. The actor would be the same, therefore be the same size and shape , but the costume would be different; hinting at a different character. This clue would be large enough for to be a cognitively pleasure for a keen audience member but not too obvious that everyone would notice from the first watch.

Main Task: Editing

We have placed all our shots in our desired order, using temporary place holders until we filmed the detective profile and interrogation shots.

Screen Shot 2016-02-09 at 09.40.36

We have found a piece of music called “Darkness Is Coming” on (9th down). We have proceeded to edit our transitions to the beat of this track.

Screen Shot 2016-02-09 at 09.43.44

We have stabilised all shots that benefited and played with the speed of some shots to increase their quality, for example in shot 8, we have sped up part of the shot where the murdered smashes the victim’s head on the sink and slowed it down when he pulls it up. This created the illusion of force in the attack where previously there was none, making the shot feel more real. We also sped up 25 where the victim is hanging dead, this created the effect of the dead body swaying, the fast motion of the swaying also suggested a great amount of time had passed; giving the shot a more sickening, disturbing feel.

Screen Shot 2016-02-09 at 09.41.32

We have experimented with some effects on our shots, including flashes, keys, trails, ken burns, vignette and blurs. And we are beginning to colour correct our shots to unify them in a common style, communicating the eerie, untrustworthy world we want create.

For colour correction we also plan to use different colours for the detective/murderer, depending on which identity his in. The murderer we will have a pale, sickening green tint whilst the detective will have a pale, eerie orange tint. The difference shows the intensity and nature of their mind state, both are disturbing as both are the same disturbed person, yet difference in colour reflects on their different identities.

Main Task: Filming Pt.2

5/1/16 – Today we filmed two shots from the detective sequence. Both of which where the detective gets angry. It is set in his office with his desk but we had no choice but to use a classroom as our set. The only camera functional was the digital Nikon, subsequently we were limited in our filming options and the quality of the shots was affected by noise. However we believe the noise effect can work to our advantage and contribute to the effect of our shots, as it adds a distorted and crowded feel to them; reflecting upon their content.

22/01/16 – Today we filmed the bathroom murder sequence. We used Marcus’s bathroom as it was the most spacious. Our friend ‘Frank’ played the man being murdered, allowing the three of us to discuss each shot, including framing, angle, lighting and content. We are pleased with our shots, as they are of high quality and effectively convey the content we desired. Marcus and I split the majority of the filming. Using the same camera from our first filming session for quality continuity, we also used the same lighting to maintain our style.

The lighting we have used for filming has a natural orange tint to it, we are toying with the idea of colour correcting our shots an eerie orange instead of green.

Main Task: Risk Assessment

In shot 22 we drop a glass in  order to smash it. This is a risk as broken/ shattering glass is sharp, therefore can cut and injure especially when flying; making filming this shot dangerous. To tackle this danger we took several precautions including wearing safety glasses (3D glasses) and everyone besides the actor standing two metres away from the action.

Main Task: Filming on 13/12/15

We spent 6 hours filming and made significant progress. We filmed 16 out of 29 shots. It may of took a long time but we are very happy with the results. We ensured each shot we set up properly and was filmed in the most effective way; using the screenplay, storyboard and film schedule.

We made a few changes to the shots, the most significant one being shot 24, which was changed from feet hanging limp to a shadow of a hanging limp body.

We also changed shot 29 as we couldn’t get a reflection in a puddle, therefore we replaced with a shot of a puddle being stepped in. However this shot is not a powerful ending, so we plan on swapping shot 29; puddle step, with the end of shot 4; where the detective is walking away in the distance. However we may incorporate the beginning of shot 4 with shot 29, in the place of shot 4.

We changed shot 1 so the coloured water doesn’t turn clear again, we continuously dripped red food dye into a glass of clear water. In later shots, the victim (Marcus) drank juice of a similar colour. We plan to colour correct the liquids so they look the same colour, using masking so it doesn’t affect the rest of the shot.

A problem we encountered was light noise. In some of our shots a significant amount of noise can be detected, we know this is from the use of too high ISO. At the time of filming we didn’t know how to lower the ISO on the cameras we used. We plan to overcome this problem by either re-filming some of the shots or using effects to decrease the problem; for example in shot 22 when the glass smashes we may put it in black and white.

We were unable to create low-key, high contrast lighting. This was partly due to the insufficient lamps we had, but also because our set had too much environmental light we couldn’t always remove. However we settled for ensuring that each shot was well-lit, using high-key lighting. For the majority of shots I think we achieved this, however I believe that shots 27, 28 and 31 are actually very dark, making for poor visibility of the mise en scene.

Main Task: Costume

For the victims costume we plan to have normal everyday clothes. However as we are unsure about when our short is set (it is between 1970’s to 2015). So we have to chose clothes that do not have a set time period associated with them. On top of this we need clothes that do not give away our age as teenagers as the victims have to depicted as adults; in order to support the narrative.

The detective/murderer will be wearing a suit underneath a coat. Originally we had planned to use a trench coat but we cannot find/buy one so instead we are borrowing a long black coat from relatives. It will have the same effect of covering the murderers body; hiding his identity and making him look mysterious. It also provides a link between the detective and the murderer, hinting at the plot twist of the murderer being the detective. The murderer (not the detective) will also be wearing a bandanna, cap and black gloves to hide his identity.

Main Task: Creating props

Detective Profile

Template created on word, we then added a photo, details and a watermark. We plan to get it printed and laminated.

Screen Shot 2016-01-28 at 12.01.46

Fake hair

We plan to acquire this by cutting a lock off of a synthetic beard or wig.

Suicide Note

We will write this on small paper from a notepad; the same one used by the detective (a link that they are the same person). It will have one or two dominant words surrounded by the rest of the note. Inspired by S7ven’s book highlighting; where there are a few dominant words and whilst we only see the shot for a second, the books content is relevant and contributing to the narrative.

Fake fingerprint


We will all rub our thumbs onto a shard of the broken glass to create the messy appearance of many fingerprints.

Main Task: Updated film schedule

Sunday 13th December

I will go to the supermarket before we meet and buy the following:

  • Synthetic hair (wig or beard so we can cut off some for fake evidence)
  • Two glasses
  • Red food dye
  • A sponge
  • sandwich bags to seal the evidence in

I also will be bringing:

  • A pen (for the ink)
  • A copy of the screenplay
  • A copy of the film schedule
  • Victim clothes
  • A camera from school
  • A tripod
  • A bright lamp

Meet and set up – 2.00 pm ( Daylight and an hour and a half before it gets dark)

Morning shots – 2.30 pm

Location: Bathroom (wrecked)

  • Shot 8: Detective writing notes

Location: Street

  • Shot 17: Detective writing notes

Evening – 3.30 pm (getting dark)

Location: Table in a room

  • Shot 2: Detective profiles

Location: A room (2nd victims)

  • Shot 5: Tying noose

Location: A street

  • shot 29: Puddle reflection tilt

Night – 4.30 pm (dark)

Location: Street

  • shot 4: Shady street figure

Location: Kitchen

  • Shot 9: Drink liquid
  • shot 14: Drink liquid
  • shot 20: Last gulp
  • shot 22: Glass falls & smashes
  • shot 25: Victim 2 dead
  • shot 28: Evidence

Location: Room (2nd victims)

  • shot 11: noose put around neck
  • shot 16: hanging victim wakes up
  • shot 21: clawing at noose around neck
  • shot 19: legs thriving
  • shot 24: Limp feet
  • shot 27: Suicide note

At School – 14th to 19th of December

Location: Science Lab

  • Shot 1: Water is poisoned.

Location: Room with table – Evening

  • Shot 6: Interrogation
  • shot 10: Interrogation
  • shot 13: Clearing table
  • shot 15: Tipping table

Christmas holidays – 2oth – 3rd January

Location: Bathroom

  • Shot 3: Brushing teeth
  • shot 7: Head into sink slam
  • shot 12: Thriving in sink
  • shot 18: Thriving in sink
  • shot 23: Lifeless in sink
  • shot 26: Evidence