Main Task: Lighting

We want to achieve a neo noir style. To do this we are using the keyer effect and a green tint. Furthermore we have been considering lighting and how we can use that to achieve the neo noir style.

Conventional lighting is minimalistic and low-key, using a single directional beam of light; which is sometimes fragmented.


The aim to is create great contrasts between dark and light for dramatic effect. A popular type of lighting used for neo/film noirs is chiaroscuro lighting, which is exactly as described above. However in neo noir the lighting is less black and white, and dramatic contrast is usually brought from a (single) splash of colour amongst a dark/light environment.

For example: Red lipstick amongst a high contrast environment/surroundings; i.e. her face/body and the backdrop.

neo noir lighting

The darkness in neo noir shots allows the use of Silhouettes; hide from contrast, for dramatic reveals and developments in shots. Down and side lighting are the most effective angles.

In shots you always do the background light first; lights up background (most often a downlight), and then the key light; which is the main directional light used to create contrast.

To achieve this lighting we will film during times the appropriate time of day for our shots; with most of our shots occuring at night. We will also use a lamp(s) to light up a backdrop and a lamp(s) to create a directional light. We will not use grey scale like in the examples above; this means that their will be no obvious splash of colour in each shot, however this is the case in many neo noirs.

Hopefully the overall result of these efforts will be shots that are coloured and in high contrast. They will feel neo noir and therefore have a dangerous, intriguing and mysterious effect.