Main Tasks: Test Shots Two – Poisoning

An effective feature of this test shot is the pace. Its slow and slick giving it a mysterious, impending and Neo noir feel.

Here we’ve experimented with not having a still camera,  by having it move slightly we create a more vivid and appealing viewpoint, that either reflects on the intensity of the action or contrasts it.

As in previous test shots the keyer effect a long with the green colour correction has been used to create a disturbed, Neo noir feel to the mise en scene.

We have decided that our shots are more effective without aggressive sound effects. Although there may be a moment we do decide to use them, it will not be in the style of the first test shots. We feel that without them, the sequence is more slick, impending and mysterious; three thriller qualities we are aiming for.

Screen Shot 2015-12-03 at 12.15.12

Main Task: Test Shots One – Repeated Strangulation

These are our first test shots, here we experiment with the hanging sequence. We filmed all hanging shots in our story board and edited them together. Whilst in the real thing we plan to have these shots dispersed amongst others, this test allowed us to experiment and discover the style, camera angles, framing and movement we can use to achieve our goal; of a psychotic Neo Noir style thriller.

Screen Shot 2015-12-01 at 09.52.02.png

Here is a screenshot of the timeline of our test shots. As you can see we used colour correction to bring out green, giving our shots a cold, disturbed feel. However we could experiment more with the saturation and exposure of our shots to achieve a higher contrast, a common convention in the Neo Noir style. On the contrary we used the Keyer effect to bring a dark tone and consequently a higher contrast to our shots, however it doesn’t add the essential vibrancy of Neo Noir, which could be achieved using colour correction.

We have employed the use of a fractured narrative. By using fade through black (to colour) transitions we create an illusion of a limited viewpoint, as it highlights the missing of action; as the audience experience black instead of action. This excites and engages the audience as their sense of curiosity and cognitive pleasure desire answers, increasing focus and suspension of disbelief.

I have experimented with using mechanical non diegetic sounds to emphasise the action in the piece. However we fear that they make the sequence feel to aggressive, instead of a slick, dark and mysterious. We plan to experiment further with having sound effects (less aggressive) with a soundtrack, or just having a soundtrack on its own. On top of this we plan to have a monologue read on top of the action.