Main Task: Filming Pt.2

5/1/16 – Today we filmed two shots from the detective sequence. Both of which where the detective gets angry. It is set in his office with his desk but we had no choice but to use a classroom as our set. The only camera functional was the digital Nikon, subsequently we were limited in our filming options and the quality of the shots was affected by noise. However we believe the noise effect can work to our advantage and contribute to the effect of our shots, as it adds a distorted and crowded feel to them; reflecting upon their content.

22/01/16 – Today we filmed the bathroom murder sequence. We used Marcus’s bathroom as it was the most spacious. Our friend ‘Frank’ played the man being murdered, allowing the three of us to discuss each shot, including framing, angle, lighting and content. We are pleased with our shots, as they are of high quality and effectively convey the content we desired. Marcus and I split the majority of the filming. Using the same camera from our first filming session for quality continuity, we also used the same lighting to maintain our style.

The lighting we have used for filming has a natural orange tint to it, we are toying with the idea of colour correcting our shots an eerie orange instead of green.


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