Main Task: Creating props

Detective Profile

Template created on word, we then added a photo, details and a watermark. We plan to get it printed and laminated.

Screen Shot 2016-01-28 at 12.01.46

Fake hair

We plan to acquire this by cutting a lock off of a synthetic beard or wig.

Suicide Note

We will write this on small paper from a notepad; the same one used by the detective (a link that they are the same person). It will have one or two dominant words surrounded by the rest of the note. Inspired by S7ven’s book highlighting; where there are a few dominant words and whilst we only see the shot for a second, the books content is relevant and contributing to the narrative.

Fake fingerprint


We will all rub our thumbs onto a shard of the broken glass to create the messy appearance of many fingerprints.


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