Main Task: Prop List

Screen Shot 2015-12-10 at 11.37.46

A group of items missed off this list is the evidence planted by the killer. We are unsure of what items to use to clearly communicate that evidence is being planted, however we are thinking of using suicide notes, hair and fingerprints.

How we plan to acquire these items:

Suits – Us

Black Gloves – Borrowed from a friend

Hat – Arnold

Bandanna – Arnold

Trench Coat – ??? (Arnold)

Everyday clothes – Us

Toothbrush – Victim 1: Frankie’s

Glass/Drink – Us(bought from supermarket)/Arnold(supplies water)

Rope – Drama studio

Chemical (reaction) – Chemistry Department

Notepad – Arnold

Table – School

Pen – Arnold

We  may need two glasses, as the glass is being smashed (shot 22) yet it is needed for the first shot; where it is used in the experiment. By using the same glass we are creating an obvious link between the poison and the liquid that the victim is drinking. Therefore depending on the order we film the shots we may need two identical glasses.

Update: We now need red food dye in order to film the first shot; the poisoning of water. I will buy this from the supermarket when I buy the two glasses.


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