Main Task: Villain Research

In most serial killer movies, the villains have a predominant feature of which the audience pick out easily. Here are some examples below.

Bronson: Charles Bronson – Moustache

Bronson moustache

Godfather 2: Michael Corleone – Subtle perfectly dressed in all black


In this shot, chiaroscuro lighting is used to create distinct areas of light and darkness, this is to reflect his current state; of a dark established criminal. His suit; the predominant feature, non verbally communicates a powerful essence of maturity, darkness and sophistication.

S7ven: John Doe – Geeky mise en scene, baldness

John Die


In order to make our villain distinctive we are thinking of having a trenchcoat. This coat will cover most of the villain, giving him a neo noir slick, mysterious look. We also plan to support this by having the villain wear a suit underneath, an old cap and bandana over his face.

I have also learnt that it is a common convention to have the villain horizontally and tightly framed in the centre. This makes the villain seem powerful and therefore a threat. They are in the way of the protagonist.


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