Main Task: Filming Schedule

We plan to film our piece on Sunday; excluding the detective sequence & the first shot. To ensure our filming goes smoothly and that we use our time efficiently, we have decided to draft up a film schedule. On top of this it will ensure that we film the shots at their desired time of day; as specified in the screenplay.

The reason why certain shots must be filmed at certain times of day is because the light intensity and angle will change. In the morning shots we want morning light, and the same goes for the evening and night shots (artificial light); even if it isn’t particularly obvious, this way we will be able to create a sense of time for the audience. They will easily be able to acknowledge that the murders took place during the night and are being investigated in the morning, all because they will be able to subconsciously  infer what time of day each scene is set. For scenes set in school and for shots where the time of day isn’t very obvious we can use the exposure correction tool on final cut, to modify the intensity of light in the scene; giving the illusion of a time of day.


Location: Bathroom (wrecked)

  • Shot 8

Location: Street

  • Shot 17


Location: Table in a room

  • Shot 2

Location: A room (2nd victims)

  • Shot 5

Location: A street

  • shot 29


Location: Street

  • shot 4

Location: Bathroom

  • Shot 3
  • shot 7
  • shot 12
  • shot 18
  • shot 23
  • shot 26

Location: Kitchen

  • Shot 9
  • shot 14
  • shot 20
  • shot 22
  • shot 25
  • shot 28

Location: Room (2nd victims)

  • shot 11
  • shot 16
  • shot 19
  • shot 21
  • shot 24
  • shot 27

At School

Location: Science Lab

  • Shot 1

Location: Room with table – Evening

  • Shot 6
  • shot 10
  • shot 13
  • shot 15



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