Main Tasks: Test Shots Two – Poisoning

An effective feature of this test shot is the pace. Its slow and slick giving it a mysterious, impending and Neo noir feel.

Here we’ve experimented with not having a still camera,  by having it move slightly we create a more vivid and appealing viewpoint, that either reflects on the intensity of the action or contrasts it.

As in previous test shots the keyer effect a long with the green colour correction has been used to create a disturbed, Neo noir feel to the mise en scene.

We have decided that our shots are more effective without aggressive sound effects. Although there may be a moment we do decide to use them, it will not be in the style of the first test shots. We feel that without them, the sequence is more slick, impending and mysterious; three thriller qualities we are aiming for.

Screen Shot 2015-12-03 at 12.15.12


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