Main Task: Audience

Target Audience

We have a very broad target audience, as we feel many people would like our feel opening.

Primary Demographic
– 18 to 35 year old
– Males
– Likes Thrillers

Second Demographic
– 13 to 70 year old
– Both genders
– Likes thrillers, action or drama

Therefore our mythical ideal consumer would be a male thriller, detective fan, of 25 years old, who enjoys the Neo noir style we are trying to utilise.

Audience Pleasures

Our opening would mainly focus on sensory and cognitive pleasures. We feel these pleasures would most satisfy our target audience.

Our primary target audience has an age range of 18 to 35, therefore as these people are young, sensory pleasures would appeal more to them. They would like seeing the action and the effects used, also witnessing the crimes as they happen. Sensory pleasures for our thriller, murder mystery may feature showing how intelligent the killer is and how he sets/plants evidence in the crime scenes.

Our other audience pleasure is cognitive. People who like the thriller genre, would enjoy unwrapping the mystery and working out the plot throughout the movie but also trying to work out the meaning and the plot; which would just be being established, in the opening. We would want the video to not be confusing, but engaging and evoking of cognitive pleasure.


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