Main Task: Our developed idea

For our final idea, we have decided to merge Marcus’s and Arnold’s ideas. However we will add some elements of mine; like the idea of a poisoned sweet.

We will have a psychopathic schizophrenic murderer, who is actually the detective investigating the string of murders. This character; as they’re schizophrenic, does not know they are the murderer.

Our opening sequence would not reveal this crucial plot point but it would foreshadow it, by drawing parallels between the detective and the murderer; for example both would possess the same objects. We would have the psychopath narrating for part of the opening sequence. This is a common Neo noir convention: to have an untrustworthy narrator. The murderer would also use unique ways of killing, we our debating the idea of featuring a dead body in our opening sequence with the murderer planting false evidence to make the deaths look like suicides.


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