Main Task: My Opening Sequence Idea

The opening would use rapid cuts and extreme close ups to establish the plot. This features the love triangle, the sweets/food that cause illness and the drugs that cure it.

  1. Jack and George are in bed talking
  2. Rapid Shot sequence of sweets being tested; toxic coloured water
    – Sweet dropped into water
    – Rapid jumpy shots of the test’s progression; water turning red
  3. Jack and George start arguing
  4. Rapid shot sequence of sweets being sold to a child, uses extreme close ups to add significance of the sweet
  5. Jack declares love for George (Sequence slows down massively after this)
  6. Shot of Parents buying medication for child to make him better
  7. Shot of Jack in a bar, he sees Callum
  8. Cuts to shot of them talking
  9. cuts to a shot Callum’s detective badge on his back of his belt

We would use rapid cuts and extreme close ups to communicate an aspect’s importance in the plot, in order to establish a narrative.

The opening would start of very rapid but end very slow.


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