Main Task: My Idea

For our main task, my group has decided that each of us should come up with an idea and pitch it to eachother, before deciding which idea to go with or developing them all into one big idea.

However instead of coming up with just the concept of the idea, I have gone a little over the top and developed the plot into the concept. If we chose our idea we would create the film opening for the main concepts of my idea, that being the film being a neo noir, having a homme fatale, an evil company and a love triangle. It would have a narrative that would set up who they are, suggest their relationship and would establish the company. However I still want to pitch the idea as a whole.

So firstly my idea features having a gay homme fatale, developing/parodying neo noir and the concept of having a femme fatale. ‘George’ would be this homme fatale, starting off as the protagonist, however he ends as the antagonist. ‘Callum’ however starts off as the antagonist but would end as the protagonist.

George and Jack are criminals and in a long term relationship. George is emotionally/mentally unstable. Jack plays Callum; a detective who works for a big private detective firm, by going out with him whilst still with George. George’s father is dying and owns a massive corporation, George and Jack both work for George’s father in the executing and running of an illegal money making scheme. It works by one side of the company selling highly regarded but addictive (not so much that its not noticeable but enough to cause minor cravings) food (sweets etc) and the other sells medicine. The food they sell actually causes minor illness (coughs and headaches for example) due to chemicals they put into the food, the drugs they then sell, cure the diseases. Callum is onto this scheme but has no proof; as there are so many other variables they could cause the illnesses and its not definite the chemicals found in a lab test could cause such diseases. George consents/is in on their fake relationship, in order for Jack to be an informant. Thanks to Jack, Callum falsely accuses someone else. But the plot twist is that, Jack actually cheated on George and actually gave information to Callum. This is because Jack had fallen in love with Callum, he lets his guard down and Callum finds out that Jack was just playing him, so to convince him to stay Jack started to tell Marcus everything. However without Jack’s official testament, Callum cannot persecute George. So the catch 22 is that anything he does will ruin the men he loves. He ruins both their lives, as he wont snitch/give evidence on George (choose Callum) but he wont tell George the truth (choose George). George then finds out that Jack was actually playing him, even though they both love eachother they violently break up, and Callum after knowing Jack didn’t chose him feels betrayed after everything they’ve been through. George’s father fires Jack after finding out they were both gay by witnessing their breakup; he couldn’t bring himself to fire George on his deathbed; however still dies feeling disappointed and disgusted (homophobic) at George; not knowing or accepting who George really was/is (its important to note I don’t wont to communicate that your sexuality defines you as a person). George inherits the company and in his tornado of emotion, he is consumed by the idea of vengeance. In his psychopathic rage he orders his company (who all blindly follow him with a little extra Christmas bonus this year) to put lethal chemicals in the food; that will poison and mutilate all consumers. George kidnaps Jack, and slowly force feeds him the poisoned food, meanwhile Callum and his detective buddies are aware of the the developments, and stage an assault on George’s company building; where they murder George, saving Jack. However Jack has ate the food, so he is dying. In a last act of love Jack makes Callum frame James’s murder on him. The story ends with Callum as a hero to the people, saving them from the toxic candy, but is he a hero to himself?


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