Main Task: Inspiration


Michael Bay – For the movies Bad Boys 2, Transformers and  The Island.

Michael Bay’s style is all about extreme action, massive action sequences and amazing special effects. However these are all blockbuster qualities, and would be very hard for us to accomplish.

Christopher Nolan –  For the movie Inception.

His style is amazingly mind bending thrillers. Movies that have amazing concepts and plots that drive you to think. Though hard to accomplish my group really wants to explore this style. We think the key to this style is a well developed clever plot.

Tim Burton – For the movies Sweeney Todd, Alice in Wonderland and Charlie and the chocolate factory

Burton loves to use a dark, gothic, macabre style in quirky horror/fantasy/comedy films films. The animated feel and stylised mise en scene would be difficult to achieve but that doesn’t mean we cant take inspiration from it and possibly incorporate it in our piece.

Neo Noir style

Neo Noir is a distinctive style, with many common conventions, it manipulates audience through shots.

Common conventions include:

  • A femme fatale (dominant/powerful female character),
  • a first-person narrative voice over
  • High contrast lighting
    – Added through colour rather than light and shadows
    – used to emphasise characters or details
  • Frames (Lighting is used to create the illusion of bars across a characters face, frames (e.g. doors) are sometimes used within frames
  • Water & reflections
  • Deep Focus
  • Continous shots
  • Cynical, world-weary protagonists
  • Protagonist’s personal code/morals
  • Obscured scenes (E.g. by mist, fog, steam and rain etc) – helps create an eerie atmosphere)
  • Urban settings (E.g. in an industrial city, under a lampost etc)
  • Complex plot and Analepsis
  • Dutch angles and inverted frames – Can be used to reflection a characters instability
  • Eroticism and sexuality
  • False accusation and betrayal
  • unreliable narrators (Cannot be trusted, false version of events)
  • Crime and violence (used to convey message about character, significant in story)

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