Preliminary: Evaluation


We have finally finished our preliminary task. Involving the research and inclusion of shot types such as: Shot-reverse-shot, Establishing shot, eye line shot and match on action.

Setting, Lighting & Colour Correction:

We chose to use ‘East Hall’, it was a small and quiet, out of the way place with adequate lighting. However when editing the shots were quite dark, to correct this we used the colour correction tool to improve the exposure. There was little background noise in this location; especially as we filmed after school, but originally we planned to use a road-man mic, however we couldn’t get it to record audio. We had to resort to using the inbuilt mic in the Cannon 600D we were using to film with. This picked up some background noise and we tried our best to fix it during editing.

Screen Shot 2015-11-02 at 10.34.37Screen Shot 2015-10-16 at 14.46.32Screen Shot 2015-10-16 at 14.37.53

Originally our first shot was an extreme close up of the keyboard. When first using the colour correction tool, we made the shot darker; thinking at the time, that this improved the quality of the shot. We created a preset called ‘Keyboard’ and applied it to each shot as we edited the video together. However upon later reflection, we changed this; making a new preset called ‘Alfey’, this increased the exposure of the shots, we applied this to all the shots apart from the extreme close up on Marcus’s head, this improved their quality exponentially.

Screen Shot 2015-11-02 at 10.22.40

The first shot

shot 1

Shot 1: The focus of this shot is good but it could be sharper. For some reason the shot appears quite dark in this screenshot, in editing; once the colour correction preset ‘Alfey’ was applied it was bright and vibrant. The mise en scene in this shot establishes the character (Arnold) as a bit of a dweeb/nerd. This is communicated massively by his costume; the lack of care for his tie and collar suggests he doesn’t care about his appearance implicating his not cool. The fact that he is working and is in a plain environment reinforces this because they both have connotations of the person inhabiting that space being a ‘try-hard’/dweeb. The non-digetic keyboard typing sound effect is well timed and sounds realistic. The music builds tension and establishes a tone of eeriness and oddness. This shot could be improved by shortening the transition into this shot, it is plain black for too long and becomes boring. Originally this shot was an extreme close up of the keyboard, however as this shot zooms out, the focus was set to the zoomed out position, meaning when the camera was zoomed in on the keyboard it was horribly out of focus. To fix this we cut out the keyboard and left it black. I would of liked it if we had cut the black filler before this shot, but as we had already edited the music and we were running out of time; we didn’t have enough time to cut it and subsequently re edit all the music.

My favourite shot – 8

shot 8

The mise en scene features Marcus’s eyes and forehead with an angry facial expression and twitching nose and eyebrows, this communicates Marcus is feeling anger and rage. We used the colour correction tool for this shot, not only did we apply the preset ‘Alfey’ to make it more vibrant but we also added a tint of blue; this had the effect of communicating some coldness and bitterness to his rage.

Screen Shot 2015-10-15 at 11.40.35

We used selective focus in this shot. The background is blurred, and the foreground (Marcus’s head) is in focus. This has the effect of drawing attention to the foreground; emphasising the anger shown on Marcus’s face. The left side of his face is in tack sharp focus but towards the end of his right side it starts to go out of focus; however I do not find that this effects the quality of this shot. This shot is framed very tightly, this is to make it more intense; reflecting on the intensity of Marcus’s emotions. This shot is also edited well with music, the cut into the shot is timed perfectly with a sudden rise in the music, adding to the intensity of the shot. The shots sudden cut and music rise provokes a reaction from the audience.

This is my favourite shot because it is so powerful at communicating Marcus’s emotions of anger and rage, effectively using a wide spectrum of techniques to help achieve that goal.

My least favourite shot – 3

Our main mistake here was choosing to do one long, complicated shot. It caused many problems; as I will go into detail with below. To make this shot easier to analyse, I have split up the shot into four screenshots. I will analyse the shot at each relevant screenshot.

The focus throughout this shot in general is slightly out; this is because we chose to do a long, complicated shot with different depths; this meant the focus should have been changed but it was not. We could have rectified this mistake by subtly adjusting the focus whilst filming or by putting the camera on automatic focus. We applied the colour correction preset ‘Alfey’ we created to increase the shots exposure.

shot 3 part 1

Mise en scene is similar to that of the first shot but here is the first time we see Arnold’s entire costume, helping to establish his character as a nerd. The framing of this shot is quite loose and empty however it works because Arnold moves into the space.

shot 3 part 2

The pan here is very bumpy, jolty and frantic. This is because the pan was a little jolty later on in the shot, so to correct this post filming we used the stabilizer tool however this messed up the smoothness of the pans in the rest of the shot when we tried to fix our further predicament below.

shot 3 part 3

Another aspect which complicated this shot was the fact that Marcus did not know how long to wait before moving. When filming we thought we could speed up or cut this extra long waiting time, however this proved harder than we thought. This was because when we stabilize the entire shot it is cropped, so when splitting the shot, the amount cropped changed; creating a bad quality sequence. We settled with keeping the waiting time but we still ended up with the part above being very jolty. We should have just undone any use of the stabilizer tool in this shot.

shot 3 part 4

This is the pan that wasn’t smooth when filming. We should have re-filmed the shot but we were pressed for time. In this part of the shot, I noticed quite a lot of visual noise, this may be due to the editing of this shot or the result of that camera/ camera settings we used.

Summarising; this is my worst shot because it caused difficulties to edit and the shot is of bad quality.

Overview Pt.2

For our main task, we will learn from our mistakes. For example we will avoid filming excessively long shots, we will strive to make sure our shots are in tack sharp focus and will learn/practise using the equipment; like the roadman mic, in order to use it effectively to produce better quality shots.


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