Preliminary: Music Research

Arnold researched music but once he found a good track he consulted our group and we discussed it.

This is the first track we found, it was good but it was too loud, heroic and serious for our video. It would of made Marcus’ character look to heroic; confusing our audience as he forfils more of an antagonist character (if there is one).

We then found this track. It suited our piece really well; it helped build up tension and had a sinister tone that reflected well onto our characters. It also timed well with our video; as the peaks and dips corresponded well. However we soon discovered we could not use it as the music was protected and the dialogue “istock audio” is repeated throughout. We was determined to find a piece of music as good as this.

Finally we found this music. It had the dark and sinister tone we were looking for and built up tension. However it is too long, therefore we have to cut parts of it. We will proceed to edit our video in time to this music.


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