Preliminary: Production Log 3

13/10/15 – Editing: Me, Marcus and Arnold started the editing process. We all focused on selecting, cutting and placing the clips. Also experimenting with colour correction and transitions to create the most effective video. Arnold especially focused on music and sound effects. This included finding suitable sounds to integrate into our piece to enhance the action, and finding some appropriate background music that fit the genre of our piece. We are all searching for music in our time as well. For more details on finding music please search under the tags Preliminary and music.

15/10/15 – Editing: Me, Arnold and Marcus will continue to edit the video. Hopefully all the clips would have been edited together effectively, with suitable background music.

16/10/15 – Finish Editing: We wish to finish editing on this date. This will include perfecting all transitions, exposure (colour correction) and sound.


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