Preliminary: Practice Shots & Evaluation

These our the practice shots for our preliminary task.

These shots feature the main shot/reverse shot in our piece.

However these shots will be different from our real shots, in the fact that the tackling character will be more tightly framed, with a lower angle. This is to make him look stronger. Whereas the tackled character, will be less tightly framed, with a higher angle. This is to make him look weaker. The lighting will be less overhead and more front on. The setting will also be outside on a field.

As we are filming in a school, background noise is a problem. We plan to overcome this by using a microphone held close to the dialogue, but still out of shot. This microphone would not pick up any background noise, or wind; this is especially important as we will be filming outside.

In the practice shots here, I experimented with the ‘reduce background noise’ feature that final cut offers. However it made the dialogue sound unnatural. So I instead left the background noise until where the dialogue was over, where I then faded it out to stop it affecting the rest of the video. Where the background noise was faded, would be a good position to insert some non-diegetic epic music, this would make the tackle seem more extreme and powerful, evoking a bigger reaction from the viewer; therefore improving the video and its impact on the audience.

We are experimenting with the idea of having no dialogue and having continuous non diegetic music in background. We feel having dialogue might be a break in the action.

These shots are badly out of focus; for our main piece we will aim to make sure our shots are in tack sharp focus.


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