Preliminary task idea: Rugby Conflict

We plan to establish a tough character, a classic rugby player. We plan to do this using tight frames, close up shots of his boots and tape on his hand and using low angles. A tracking shot of him walking. All to represent him powerfully.

We then plan to use an establishing shot of the rugby pitch to invoke a sense of pleasure from the audience.

Afterwards we will establish a character the complete opposite to the one we just saw. He will also be a rugby player, but a very physically weak one. We plan to present him like this by dressing him weakly, using loose frames and low angles.

We will have an eyeline match, shot reverse shot initially, then will break this to develop new action and a match on action shot reverse shot. In thi second shot we plan to represent the characters in the same as before, the weak one is on the floor and the strong one is above him.

Strong Rugby Character:
strong rugby player

Weak Rugby Character:

Next post will be some practice shots, just to show the basic principle of what were doing.


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