Evaluation of ‘Male Modelling Co.’

The most successful shot is shot 5; where me (James) and Marcus are staring into the distance, then Marcus slowly turns his head to face the camera and pulls a funny face. Whilst we didn’t use a loose or tight frame for effect, the setting allowed for a shallow depth of field to be used for effect; as it drew focus on the main objects in the shot, me and Marcus. However the focus wasn’t tack sharp decreasing the shot’s quality and therefore its overall effect. By improving the focus we could increase the detail of me and Marcus, and therefore increased the quality of the shot, improving visceral and adding a professional, easy to look at feel, whilst still have the comedic element.

I think the worst shot is shot 4; where the shot starts off focused on Arnold (1st character) then pans past the tree to reveal James (2nd character) leaning on a tree in the background, the focus begins with a shallow depth of field; it is worth noting that its focus needed to be sharper to produce a better quality image/shot, the focus then slowly changed into a deep depth of field once the pan was complete; however I was still out of focus. This produced a poor quality shot as the lack of focus didn’t contribute to the overall effect and meaning of the shot. It would have been more effective if it had stayed blurred, as it would have created a mysterious feel about the second character, perhaps suggesting a potential threat or surprise to the first character. Another way to make the shot more effective is if it went into complete tack sharp focus, creating a clear link between the characters perhaps showing admiration or love, reinforced by the clear view of the character’s position/lean against the tree and the obvious staring eye contact I had towards the first character. This shot had the most potential of all the shots in the practice task, as it developed an obvious link/relationship between the two characters, making it a meaningful shot. Another problem with this shot is that towards the end the pan became jolty, whereas at the start the pan was smooth, to get round this during post production editing we used the stabilization tool and cut the shot just short of the worst jolty section of the pan, this meant the entire pan was smooth which helps create a fluid, relaxed and professional feel.

Another good shot in the practice task was the first shot, a tilt starting on my shoes but ending on my face. It was effective because it is a medium close up shot with an up camera angle and is in sharp focus with a shallow depth of field, this gives the character power making the character seem more appealing and interesting, creating intrigue and developing the character, perhaps even suggesting some action involving that character is about to take place. It could be improved with some colour correction as the lighting is quite dim, this would enhance the shot making it more vivid, increasing the effectiveness of the shot as it would emphasise the power it gives that character.


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